12 Things you didn’t know about the Atkins Diet!

You may have considered going on the Atkins diet as a means of finding a permanent solution to that stubborn love handle.

Often hailed as one of the most effective diets worldwide, many people have found great success on it losing up to 15 pounds in 2 weeks.

However just as many people have found success, many people have also failed miserably as the Atkins diet focuses on carbs count; something many people find hard to conform to.

Before you fully commit to it, here are 12 things to know before you get on the Atkins diet.

1. Overly restrictive

As mentioned earlier the Atkins diet works by restricting carbs intake. This is especially intense in the first two phases of the four-phase diet which you will only be allowed a mere 20 grams of carbs a day. This leads to fatigue, irritability and sometimes headaches as side effects that make it difficult for many people to see it through. You will not only be grumpy, but you will also be difficult to deal with and lack the energy to accomplish seemingly normal tasks.

2. Lack of fiber

As carbs intake is restricted on the Atkins diet, another thing that you will definitely experience while on it is gastrointestinal problems. This is largely due to the fact that you have limited fiber intake that aids in the digestive system. As a side effect, you will experience abdominal pains, nausea and diarrhoea to varying degrees over the course of the diet. Most of all, going to the washroom will seem like a herculean task as you will most certainly experience constipation at some point on the Atkins diet.

3. Extra weight back

There is a great chance that even after you successfully lose all the extra weight you have, you will regain it all back and some more. Having limited carbs for weeks on end, the body in a sense forgets how to efficiently process carbs effectively messing up the metabolism system. This means that it will take some time for the body to adjust back in which time you might already be twice your original weight.

4. Lack of important nutrients

Most of the foods that are ingested in the Atkins diet are high in protein and saturated fat and thus are ideally empty nutritional wise. In order to ensure that you don’t suffer any health complication; you will have to take supplements to make up for the lost nutrients.
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5. You will stink

Many persons who have gone on the Atkins diet experience ketosis. As this is directly caused due to the increase in number of ketones produced by the body, you will most notably see side effects ranging from excess fatigue, nausea, headaches and bad breath all of which affect the everyday running of your normal life.

6. May worsen cholesterol problems

Even though the Atkins diet has been known to be a successful weight loss program, there have been varying degrees of negative after effects of following the diet for too long. These include blood pressure regulation, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Due to the nature and foods allowed under the Atkins diet, too much-saturated fat from meat and eggs could put you at a risk of worsening cholesterol problems.

7. No exercise

For those who live a sedentary life and want a quick way to lose weight with limited physical activity, the Atkins diet is the ideal diet to embark on. However, this diet is not ideal for persons who plan on being active. As you will be basically getting energy from fat by beta oxidation, you will not have the energy at the needed time to exercise. This means that you will have to say goodbye to weight training, track intervals, and similar activities as the process is considerably slower in giving you energy that you would normally have with consuming carbs.

8. Risk being skinny fat

Before going on the Atkins diet, one important thing you need to know is that you risk losing muscle mass. This is usually a side effect of eating insufficient carbs and calories in general that handicaps your metabolism system. This means that it will be extremely difficult to maintain mass tone effectively losing weight in an unnatural way. The long term effect being that you would look skinny with no muscle mass left on your body.

9. Test your will

If you are thinking of embarking on the Atkins diet, be ready to say goodbye to all the delicacies you enjoy in life. This categorically means that there will be no pasta, bread and grains. Fruit and vegetables will be allowed but in small quantities. Coffee lovers and weekend partiers have to stay clear of caffeine and alcohol as this is also not allowed and thus this diet proves harder to stick with than any other diet.

10. Eat delicacies

Not everything about the Atkins diet is bad as you get to indulge more on foods you normally won’t be able to. You get to eat unlimited protein rich foods that include bacon, sausages, eggs, fish, chicken and the likes without feeling an ounce of guilt. For meat lovers, you will get to eat as much as you want and still get to lose weight

11. Not vegetarian-friendly

Unfortunately as this diet relies heavily on meat, fish, cheese, eggs etc. vegetarians who want to lose weight have to look for another diet altogether. This fact is made even more so apparent as legumes, grains and seeds are not allowed especially in the first stage of the Atkins diet. This, unfortunately, translates to starvation for all vegetarians on this diet.

12. Cheaper than most diets out there

Soft drinks, fast foods like pizza, burgers, hotdogs, coffee and even alcohol are obviously not allowed on this diet. Apart from being rather unhealthy foods that cause weight gain and sabotage any efforts on your part to shed off the extra weight, they are extremely expensive. With the Atkins diet, you get to eat foods that you have cooked on your own that is much healthier and will eventually lead to weight loss. The overall gain from following the Atkins diet is not only monetary as most foods recommended on this diet are fresh but also a much healthier lifestyle.