Does P90x Work?

Firstly, welcome to my review: Does P90X Work? – I’m Tony. Thank you for visiting this site, I started it because of all the talk about the home exercise program called Power 90 Extreme, now commonly known as P90X.

I guess I really wanted to check it out because even though I have never been overweight, I had started to get a bit out of shape. Also, even though I was exercising quite regularly, I’d started to grow a small set of love handles. This had never happened to me before, and I have to say that I didn’t like it one little bit! I suppose the fact that as I was approaching middle age, had a lot to do with it.
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Many people have asked the question; does P90X work? In order to find out the answer to this question I have conducted some research, in order to see if this muscle building, workout program really hits the mark.

It’s called P 90 X (commonly mis-spelled as PX90) because it is a 90 day workout, claiming to transform your body and fitness level in just 3 months. It consists of 12 DVDs packed with step-by-step exercise instructions, combined with a nutrition and dietary supplement plan.

Anyway, I wanted to know; What’s all the fuss about this particular product? Does it really work? So, I made sure I carried out good research, and I will share my findings with you!

Warning – read this before you buy P90XAlso, it is important that you know certain things about P90X. Firstly, I can help you get P90X at the right price, and to avoid being sold a fake imitation of the product. That’s right, there are actually fakes out there, and people have bought them – just like you. I will help you avoid this pit-fall.

Also, did you know that there is a fitness test, and that if you don’t pass it, you might not be able to get through the program!

Does P90X work? I can also introduce you to a number of people who have used the product. They have written some interesting P90X reviews. I will also show you the P90X results.