Importance Of Exercise

We often need to remind ourselves of the importance of exercise when starting down the road of weight loss. Trying out fad diets, meal replacements and all sorts of wacky alternatives often feels so much easier. Too easy, in fact. Buying something is always quicker than earning it, but as the health trends show, real long-term weight loss is pretty hard to buy.

The truth of it all, inescapably, is that any proper at home weight loss plan needs to be accompanied by age-appropriate, regular exercise in order to achieve lasting results – if the goal is both improved health and an attractive body. A healthy diet and exercise are essential elements in helping you reach your goals. Your diet provides the means for your exercise to get you to your goal.

Now, I’m no fitness fanatic and there’s no reason you need to be one either in order to see results. There are many simple and fun exercises you can begin today that will easily build up your fitness level and get you on your way. Once you get started with an exercise program, all the extra energy you’ll have will help to remind you each day the true importance of exercise.

Aerobic Vs Anaerobic
The short answer: Both.

For a balanced fitness nutrition plan, combining both cardio, otherwise known as aerobic (long periods of moderate activity), and anaerobic (short bursts of high intensity activity) exercise is an excellent idea. Each form of exercise has unique benefits that will enhance your weight loss program. Cardio focused exercises, such as swimming, walking and various sports, serve to strengthen your heart and lungs, build endurance and so much more. Anaerobic activities, such as weight training, push-ups or stair exercises, focus on building stronger muscles, boosting your basal metabolic rate and that’s just the beginning.

Early on, it’s best to keep your workouts focused more on cardio activities. They are much easier to perform when you’re not feeling very fit. Even still, it’s not a bad idea to add in some interval training now and then to give your body an extra push. Since anaerobic activities are so remarkable, try to work them in as soon as you feel up to it. I can’t overstate the importance of exercise in helping you achieve your weight loss dreams. Coupled with a healthy diet, a balanced exercise program will have you energized and feeling great as you lose weight.